Persian/Iranian carpet

Iranian carpet; the Art of Iran Land

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Visit Iran in Autumn


Chalus; The evergreen opal of Iran Chalus is one of the northern green cities of Iran, with its pristine and historic attractions. However, the city hosts both domestic and foreign tourists every year which is known as evergreen opal. Chalus Forest Park The Chalus Forest Park is located on the Chalus Road on the road […]

Tower of Silence in Yazd,
Iran Destination: Zarivar Lagoon

Zarivar lagoon

Iran DestinationĀ is a well-known Iran Tour Operator which makes your trip to Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on ourĀ Ā Iran Tour Packages.Ā  OurĀ Iran Travel AgencyĀ is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Read about Zarivar lagoon here, one of the eye-catching fresh water lakes in Iran. Ā  Zarivar lagoon is located […]

Hot Water Springs in East Azerbaijan

By this Ā Iran tour operator, Iran Destination, youā€™ll get know Iran and itā€™s nature.Ā  Following read about amazing Water Springs in Iran and if you intend to Travel to Iran, take a look at our Iran tourism packages. All you need to know about Water Springs Anyway, in different parts of Azerbaijan Iran, there are […]

Gahar lake; Shine bright like Diamond

Through thisĀ Iran travel agency, Iran Destination, youā€™ll discover Iran and itā€™s nature.Ā  If you intend to Travel to Iran, take a look at our Iran tourĀ  . Following, read about Gahar lake, a lake which shines like diamond! Gahar Lake is one of the most beautifulĀ  places amongĀ Iran tourist attractions, located in the eastern part […]

Travel by Iran Destination, Iran Tour OperatorĀ 

Travel by Iran Destination, Iran Tour Operator Iran Destination – subordinate of Gardeshgaran Shiraz ā€“ anĀ IATA member (33-2 1259 4)Ā is aĀ Iran tour operatorĀ and bestĀ travel agency in Shiraz. The Agency is being one of the pioneers in Iran tourism which was founded in 1999. More than two decades of presence inĀ Iran tour operating it has been […]

Iran Destination-Music Museum-Travel-to-Iran

Isfahan Music Museum

Isfahanis one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Iran, where many tourists travel to the city every year. However, the historical, art and architecture attractions of Isfahan are countless. Ali Qapu palace, Chehel sotoun palace, Vank cathedralĀ  are among the attractions. Let’s discover Music museum. But today’s destination is not one of these […]

Iran Destination: Mesr Desert, the heart of Deserts

Mesr Desert: The Island in the Sea of Sands

Mesr Desert, Travel to Iran, Visit Iran, Desert Trekking , Iran TourĀ  “Mesr; A Desert With The Name Of Egypt” ā€œMesrā€ is the the Arabic name of Egypt, a country in north Africa;Ā  But you may be surprised to know that thereā€™s another Mesr too, but thousands of kilometers away from current Egypt, and kilometers […]

Iran Destination-mount-damavand

On the Highest Heights: Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand Climbing Mount Damavand: Iran’s highest peak Mount Damavand may be little known outside its home nation of Iran but, however, Asia’s highest volcano is a delightful challenge for mountaineers. Lets’s take a look into whiteĀ summit of Damavand.Ā  Damavand Peak As you may heard before, mount Damavand is known as the highest mountain in […]