Delgosha Garden , Persian Garden , Shiraz

Delgosha Garden

0.0 00 Delgosha Garden Delgosha Garden is one of the historical gardens of Shiraz and is located near the tomb of Saadi. Some believe that the history of the garden dates back to the Sassanid era, pre-Islamic era, and some related it to the period of Injou and Muzafar period, and some, like the British […]

Shazdeh Garden is a green oasis lying in the heart of the desert

Shazdeh Garden, UNESCO site -IranDestination

0.0 00 Shazdeh Garden is a green oasis lying in the heart of the desert Shahzadeh Garden   Shahzadeh Garden, Kerman, Iran has 5.5 hectares with a rectangular shape and around the wall is surrounded by the wall. There is an entrance structure and gate at the lower end and a two-floor residential structure at […]

Iranian seven colors tiles

Iranian seven colors tiles

0.0 00 Iranian seven colorsĀ tiles With an ancient history and civilization in art and an impressive background in pottery, as well as large reserves of raw materials, Iran was a suitable ground for tile and mosaic industry at the end of the 2nd millennium BC. During theĀ Safavid period, mosaic ornaments were often replaced by aĀ haft […]

Iran National Jewelry Museum

Tehran National Jewelry Museum | Iran museums and galleries

0.0 00 Iran National Jewelry Museum   Iran National Jewelry Museum, located in Tehran was built about 60 years ago and preserves many valuable jewelry items collected during Safavid, Afshar, Qajar and Pahlavi periods. The most famous items in this collection are Daryaye Noor diamond, Kiany tiara, jeweled globe, Takht e Tavous royal throne and […]


Damqan, a silk road city, attractions

0.0 00 Damqan, a silk road city, attractions Damqan a city in Semnan province is one of the oldest cities of Iran which dates back to the time when it was the capital of Parthian and the called it Sad Darvazeh (in Greece Hekatom Polis). The oldest mosque in Iran is located in this city.It […]

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