Persian/Iranian carpet

Iranian carpet; the Art of Iran Land

Iran Destination¬†is a well-operated¬†tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on our¬† Iran Tourism Packages.¬† Our¬†Iran Travel Agency¬†is ready to help you to¬†travel to Iran. Read about Persian carpet¬†here, one of the wonderful arts of Iran land.¬† As you may know, Iranian carpet designs […]

Gabbeh: A traditional variety of Persian carpet

¬†Persian Gabbeh is a hand-knotted (handmade) thick Persian rug with long pile. It is made by the nomads of Fars province in southern Iran, of which the famous city of Shiraz is the capital. The most famous nomad group of this region is the Qashqai Tribe. Although the existing few old pieces of Gabbeh rugs […]

Tabriz rugs inspired collection by Hermes

Herm√®s, The ‚ÄúTABRIZ‚ÄĚ collection, Inspired by Persian carpets and rugs Tabriz carpet While the world of fashion turns around and gives birth to something new everyday, Here‚Äôs Herm√®s coming up with the ‚ÄúTABRIZ‚ÄĚ Collection inspired by Persian rugs and particularly Tabriz carpet! This is not the first time Herm√®s has been inspired by Persian art […]

Tehran Islamic Museum

Islamic Museum Tehran

Islamic museum Tehran Islamic museum : Next door to the National Museum, and part of the same complex, this museum offers a stunning collection of arts and antiquities from throughout the Islamic period, including calligraphy, carpets, ceramics, woodcarving, sculpture, miniatures, brickwork and textiles. The collection includes silks and stucco-work from Rey, portraits from the Mongol […]

carpet museum
Carpet Museum

Carpet Museum

Carpet Museum of Iran Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Iranian culture and art, Iranian carpet weaving center such as Kashan,Kerman,Isfahan,Tabriz,Khorasan,Kordestan are the famous ones ,as the materials used in ¬†their carpets including wool and cotton, Which they¬† are displayed in the Carpet Museum of Iran. Carpet Museum In 1978, the […]