Ethnicities in Iran

Iranian Ethnicities

Ethnicities in Iran Ethnicities in Iran has begun since the arrival of the Aryans, Babylonians, Sumerians, and has continued to this day. Although the main Iranians are Aryan, over the years, as a result of political and military developments in other countries, we have always witnessed a number of racial and ethnic mixes. For example, […]

Nomad Tour by Iran Destination

Nomad Tour; A Different Experience

What is Nomad tour? Iran Nomad tours are authentic and adventure travel experience for the ones who are interested in preserving under extinction cultures. By our Iran Tour, we would help you to experience nomad lifestyle and the way nomadic people live. Likewise, the intact nature and beautiful culture of Bakhtiari and Qashqai nomads mesmerizes […]

Nomad life in Iran
Iranian Nomads

Nomad in Iran

Iranian Nomads Nomads' Lifestyle Iranian Nomads : The proximity of fertile plains mountains in Iran facilitate the translucence of nomads between summer and winter meadows and pasture in search of grazing for their animals. In such a setting several different tribes of nomads live whose unique lifestyle, colorful costume and distinctive textile have long been [...]