Farashband Farashband is one of the cities of Fars province which is located 2 kilometers west of Shiraz and dates back to more than 1600 years ago. It was created during the reign of Bahram Gaur and belongs to the Sassanian era. Farashband Nomad In addition, being a nomadic area creates a beautiful space for […]

Nomad Tour by Iran Destination

Nomad Tour; A Different Experience

What is Nomad tour? Iran Nomad tours are authentic and adventure travel experience for the ones who are interested in preserving under extinction cultures. By our Iran Tour, we would help you to experience nomad lifestyle and the way nomadic people live. Likewise, the intact nature and beautiful culture of Bakhtiari and Qashqai nomads mesmerizes […]

Iran Nomads Women

Nomad Women

The Role of Nomad Women The nomads women are honestly wonderful women in managing their household and economic affairs. The role of nomad woman in management and improvement of the tribe is undeniable. Nomad migration, customs, culture and lifestyle attract any person to their glory which are mostly created and hold by nomad women. Nomad women […]

Nomad life in Iran