Nasirol Mosque, one of the best photography spots in Iran

Pink Mosque Shiraz

 Pink Mosque Shiraz Pink mosque Shiraz is one of the most pleasant sights. This monument is one of the masterpieces of architecture, Because the glass color that decorate the building. Also, They have come to during the day in front of  sunlight glow and the shine of astonishing lead the dance, light and video rainbow […]

Nasir al Molk

Nasir al Molk,the Colorful Mosque of Shiraz

Nasir al Molk mosque Nasir al Molk mosque, also known as Pink mosque, Because of pink color tiles for its interior design, is a kind of traditional mosque in Shiraz, Iran. This mosque was built during the Qajar area, by the order of Mirza Hasan Ali Nasir al molk, and it is designed by Mohammad […]