Mesr Sandy Desert

Mesr Sandy Desert

Mesr Sandy Desert Mesr Sandy Desert is located in a small village in Khor and Biyabank city in Isfahan province. It is a famous desert in Iran which attracts many enthusiasts due to its special natural attractions. Iran Is all desert, don’t go Iran! Why is it called the Mesr desert here? You might also […]

Iran Destination: Mesr Desert, the heart of Deserts

Mesr Desert: The Island in the Sea of Sands

Mesr Desert, Travel to Iran, Visit Iran, Desert Trekking , Iran Tour  “Mesr; A Desert With The Name Of Egypt” “Mesr” is the the Arabic name of Egypt, a country in north Africa;  But you may be surprised to know that there’s another Mesr too, but thousands of kilometers away from current Egypt, and kilometers […]

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