Where is Iran

Where is Iran?

Persia Iran has a long history of civilizations in the Trans-Saharan and Mesopotamian civilizations in the heart of its renowned plateau and in the western part of Asia’s vast continent in what is now known as the Middle East. In the following article, we aim to give you a whole idea about this wonderful land. […]

Iran Famous Villages

Iran historical Villages

10 Famous Historical Villages in Iran Iran Historical Villages are the cultural pulse of Iran. Villages in Iran means the flow of life and the pure sky, the lifeblood of the country that survive the Cultural and Traditional Heritage of Iran. They connects love and devotion, the empathy of the people, the sound of life, […]

Sahulan Cave , Mahabad , Kurdistan

Sahulan Cave

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Sahulan Cave Soholan Cave is one of the touristic attractions of West Azarbaijan province, in the village of Saholan, 42 km south-east far from Mahabad. The height of the cave is 50 meters and the depth of water reaches 30 meters in some places. Sahulan; An Old Cave […]

Persian Carpet- Iran Nomad

Persian Carpet

Persian Carpet One of the ancient arts and handcrafts in Iran is Persian Carpet which has worldwide popularity. As a fact, the western people know the Persian Carpet as the oriental carpets. Iran is one of the greatest countries in the Middle East through which the Silk Road passed and its caravans brought not only […]

Wonderful Iran , Pink Lake - Maharloo lake