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Persian Food – Top 10 Iranian Dishes | Iran Destination

Persian Food What Are Top 10 Essential Persian Foods? You may ask yourself: what kind of food do they eat in Iran? You may also have heard from those traveled to Iran that there are a great variety of Persian food. And when you travel to Iran, you will not know what to choose for […]

Travelling to Iran during Ramadan – Iran Destination

Ramadan in Iran Ramadan in Iran, also takes about 1 month. Also Traveling to Iran in these days, having no problem for tourists. Irandestination prepare all services as the best. To know more about this month you can read the below article. Islam is the formal religion of Iran. During the month of Ramadan (which […]

Iranian Chelo Kebab

Iranian Chelo Kebab

Iranian Chelo Kebab Iranian Chelo Kebab is one of the most original and famous Iranian cuisines. Also, this dish consists of butter and kebabs, which consumed with sumac, tomato, rice and bread. History of Iranian Chelo Kebab Historians who visited Iran during the Safavid era did not directly mention Iranian Chelo Kebab as a national […]

Khoresh Bademjan

Eggplant Stew   This kind of Iranian cuisine is favor of tourists who love eggplants and tomatoes.We suggest this Iranian food to our Iran visitors. Iranian cuisine Any dish with the combination of eggplants and tomatoes is just divine. If you happen to love eggplants and tomatoes this stew has them both, in addition to meat, […]