Quran Gate in Shiraz

Quran Gate in Shiraz

Quran Gate in Shiraz Did you make your decision and chose Iran as your travel destination? Have you ever been traveling to iran? What do know about Shiraz city? What do you know about Quran gate in shiraz? Do you know what is the best souvenirs for the tours in iran?what do you know about […]

Naqsh-e rajab

Naqsh-e Rajab

 Naqsh-e rajab,Persian kings stony albums If you are a tourist who want visit Iran and this site,It is located near Shiraz.This historical place is a site which will be in our Iran itinerary .At Naqsh-e rajab you will find  3 large carvings. On the right you will visit an equestrian scene and to the left a relief of […]

Isfahan twin towns

What are Isfahan twin towns?

What are Isfahan twin towns? Do you know what Isfahan twin towns are? Twin towns or sister cities are programs designed to foster and develop international communication and cooperation between towns, cities, countries, governments and religions. This concept dates back to post World War period in Europe. The First cities known as sister cities or [...]

Iran National Jewelry Museum

Tehran National Jewelry Museum

Iran National Jewelry Museum   Iran National Jewelry Museum, located in Tehran was built about 65 years ago and preserves many valuable jewelry items collected during Safavid, Afshar, Qajar and Pahlavi periods. The most famous items in this collection are Daryaye Noor diamond, Kiany tiara, jeweled globe, Takht e Tavous royal throne and Naderi throne. […]

Dolat-Abad Garden

Arg-e Karim Khan Shiraz

Who is Karim Khan Zand? Karim Khan was the founder of the Zand dynasty that ruled Iran from 1750 to 1779. As one of the advocates of the development of Iran he chose Shiraz as his capital during the Zand period that the city witnessed the peak of its prosperity. In this period many buildings […]



Mahan Mahan is a city and capital of Mahan district in Kerman province. It is well-known for the tomb of the great Sufi leader Shah Nemat Allah e Valli as well as Prince garden ( Shazdeh Garden). The tomb of Shah Nur-eddin Nemat Allah Vali poet, sage , Sufi and founder of an order of […]

Explore Historical Houses of Kashan during Your Visit to Iran

Explore Historical Houses of Kashan during Your Visit to Iran Traditional houses of Kashan Traditional houses, Kashan : If you know anything about temperament of people living in desert areas you should know they are very warm ,hospitable and truly noble. These people have always showed their mysterious and peaceful nature in architecture ,clothing ,music and [...]