Alavian Dome

Alavian Dome The Alavian Dome is one of the masterpieces of architecture. Also, its plasterwork after Islam in Hamedan and has registered in the national monuments list in issue 94 on 05/01/1931. In addition, this building is unique among the remaining examples of Islamic architecture. Besides, it is one of the unique examples of Iranian […]

Ashken Stone Cave in Jahrom , Iran

Ashken Stone cave in Jahrom Ashken Stone Cave is a handmade cave in Jahrom, known as the world’s largest handmade cave. Also, It referred to as Mansory stone cave, crusher. Besides, Jahrom is one of the cities of Fars province in Iran that to access it, you can move from Shiraz to the south of […]



Close to Talesh, there is a beautiful and eye-catching village, which seems to have never been touched by any human being, called Subatan. Starting from Talesh, Subatan is located northwest of Talesh. It is the land of divine blessings, a land where water, mountains, wild horses and old villages are pleasing to the eye. This […]

Iran Off-Road

Iran Off-Road

Iran Off-Road Destinations Traveling to the nature and the pleasure and excitement gained from it is very attractive for many people and off-road is one of the entertainments that tourists tend to get more excitement from nature. In this article, we aim to introduce some special Iran Off-Road Destinations to the adventure seekers. Mesr Desert, […]


Where is Shushtar?

Undoubtedly, many people recall the hydraulic structures of Shushtar as soon as they heard the name of this city. Shushtar is one of the southwestern cities of Iran, located in the foot of the Zagros Mountains. The last slope of the Zagros Mountains forms the eastern border of the city and the river Dez the […]

Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri is one of the great scholars, mathematicians and poets of Iran, born in Neishabour. He was one of the greatest scientists of his timeß 11th century CE. Although he is more known for his poetry, Khayyam was a philosopher and mathematician who translated the works of Abu Ali Sina […]

Iran Baloch

Iran Baloch

Iran Baloch Iran is a wonderful land which is a collection of old ancient tribes. It is interesting to know that Baloch people live in east of Iran, Pakistan and also some parts of Afghanistan. Join us to get acquainted with the Baloch people, who are one of the oldest people in Iran. Baloch; Indo-Aryan […]

Corona Virus Tourism industry , Iran Destination

Corona Virus and Tourism Industry

Iran Destination is a  tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. Please, have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  The Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read about the world hitting disease, Corona Virus, the impact of this virus on Tourism Industry and the advises for travelling to Iran.  Impact […]

Mineral Hot Springs of Iran

Iran Destination is a well-operated tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  Our Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, let’s discover about  Mineral Hot Springs of Iran. Types of Mineral Hot Springs of Iran There are lots of countries […]

Windcatcher , Iran Destination


The Secret of Iranian Windchatchers The desert regions of Iran which is a large part of the country, have long been used as a safe habitat by the earliest civilizations in the world. Therefore, people of these civilizations tried to coexist with the harsh nature of the desert throughout their life. This biodiversity and interaction […]