Why Iran

Why Iran

Why Iran? 1. Iran is safe! Why Iran? The main reason that we can answer you¬†is that whether tourists travel alone or in a group, by a tour or individual, regardless the gender, or whether arrive day or night time, according to all tourist visiting, Iran is a very safe country. Iran Tour will be […]

Sar Yazd Castle

Sar Yazd Castle Sar Yazd Castle is one of the oldest and largest bank safe deposit boxes in Iran and in the world which is located in Yazd province. The history of this historical castle dates back to the Sassanid era (3rd to 7th centuries). The castle was used for the storage of cereals and […]

Shazdeh Garden, Mahan, Kerman province

Shazdeh Garden: The Paradise of Mahan

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Ghale Rudkhan Castle

Ghale Rudkhan Castle Ghale Rudkhan Caslte is a local name in¬†Talesh which is the most ancient monuments in the Guilan province. Because this historic castle is built along the river, the ancient name of “Rudan Dam” or “Rugan” (the dam that is located close to the river) has changed to Ghale Rudkhan castle. Ghale Rudkhan […]

Iran Famous Villages

Iran historical Villages

10 Famous Historical Villages in Iran Iran Historical Villages are the cultural pulse of Iran. Villages in Iran means the flow of life and the pure sky, the lifeblood of the country that survive the Cultural and Traditional Heritage of Iran. They connects love and devotion, the empathy of the people, the sound of life, […]

Tower of Silence in Yazd,
Narin Castle , Meybod

Meybod Attractions

Meybod Attractions Maybod is one of the beautiful and historic cities of Yazd province. The historic buildings and texture of this city ¬†attract many tourists to visit this city every year. In this article, some of Meybod Attractions are introduced. Narin Castle Narin Castle is the most important monument of this ancient castle, built of […]

Filband village; high in the sky

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Sassanian Daughter Castle , Firoozabad

Firoozabad Daughter Castle

  Daughter Castle The Daughter Castle was built by Ardeshir Babakan (224-241 M) to protect the city and defend against the attack of Ardavan V, the last monarch of Ashkanian, over a mountain on Firoozabad road to Shiraz. This building which is used as a military palace and fortress, is called Daughter Castle due to […]