Qashqai Nomads Wedding

Qashqai Nomads Wedding

Qashqai Nomads Wedding Qashqai tribe, is one of the Iranian tribal unions that, like many of the later Iranian tribal unions, is a mixture of tribes with diverse ethnic origins of Lur, Kurdish, Arab, and Turkish, but most Qashqai have Turkish roots and almost all speak dialect of Turkish. Qashqai Nomads Wedding The main center […]

Firuzabad Qashqai Nomad

Firuzabad Qashqai Nomad

Firuzabad Qashqai Nomad According to historical sources, the city of Goor or Joor was built by Ardashir Babakan, the founder of Sassanian dynasty, as the capital of great Iran. Firuzabad Qashqai Nomad After Ardeshir’ death, the circular pattern of the city of Firuzabad has been imitated, and until the Middle Ages, nearly four hundred cities were […]

Nomad Tour by Iran Destination

Nomad Tour; A Different Experience

What is Nomad tour? Iran Nomad tours are authentic and adventure travel experience for the ones who are interested in preserving under extinction cultures. By our Iran Tour, we would help you to experience nomad lifestyle and the way nomadic people live. Likewise, the intact nature and beautiful culture of Bakhtiari and Qashqai nomads mesmerizes […]

Menar Jonban, the Gem of Isfahan

By this Iran travel agency, you’ll get the answer to the question: where is Iran? So, let's read about Menar Jonban, one of amazing sites for travelers to Iran. Take a look at our Isfahan tour and then travel to Iran with peace of mind. Menar Jonban is among one the greatest attraction in Isfahan, Iran. However, if you want to travel [...]

Iran Nomads Women

Nomad Women

The Role of Nomad Women The nomads women are honestly wonderful women in managing their household and economic affairs. The role of nomad woman in management and improvement of the tribe is undeniable. Nomad migration, customs, culture and lifestyle attract any person to their glory which are mostly created and hold by nomad women. Nomad women […]

Nomad life in Iran

The Interesting Life of Iranian Nomads

The Interesting Life of Iranian Nomads Nomadic life is the most ancient way of humankind living, the characteristic that makes it an attraction of technology era. Almost everywhere in the world the nomads have maintained their local custom and traditions such as their lifestyle and residence, language, music, local food, clothes, ceremonies and etc. All […]