Zayandehrood Isfahan

Zayandehrood Isfahan

Zayandehrood Isfahan Zayandehrood – which is translated into “The alive river” is one of the most important rivers in Iran, originating from Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province and after crossing the lush valleys of this province, it enters the province of Isfahan and then the city of Isfahan. Zayandehrood was never abandoned by foreign travelers, whether […]

Iran Best Tours 2021

Iran Tour Packages IranDestination travel agency offers the best Iran tour packages and having a great variety. whatever you wish to experience, can be found in our Iran Tours. Iran best tours of Iran-Destination, cover all cities of Iran and include the most important UNESCO sites. Therefore, you have to know if it is first time […]

Bam Citadel

A Brief History of Arge Bam

A Brief History of Arge Bam Bam locates on the southern edge of the Iranian plateau, in a desert environment in Kerman. There is no precise archaeological evidence about the age of Arge Bam or Bam citadel. According to the historic sources and ancient texts the first human settlement in the area traced back to […]