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Shopping in Iran: Where to go for your souvenirs

Shopping in Iran: Where to go for your souvenirs Have you ever wondered what a souvenir philosophy is? Why should those who travel bring souvenirs with them in Iran Tourism? Of course there should be no, and it is official that it is not so troublesome to bring it beautiful and not bring it. Also, […]

Iran Traditional Music

Traditional Iranian music

Traditional Iranian music Traditional Iranian music, also known as authentic Iranian music, Iranian classical music, and instrumental music, including instruments, chants, and vocals, flowed from chest to ear in the context of the Iranian people, from years BC to today, and what More enjoyable, simpler and more understandable. Central Asia countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, […]

Sar Yazd Castle

Sar Yazd Castle

Sar Yazd Castle is one of the oldest and largest bank safe deposit boxes in Iran and in the world which is located in Yazd province. The history of this historical castle dates back to the Sassanid era (3rd to 7th centuries). The castle was used for the storage of cereals and food, which at […]

Narin Castle , Meybod

Meybod Attractions

Maybod is one of the beautiful and historic cities of Yazd province. However, the historic buildings and texture of this city  attract many tourists to visit this city every year. Hence, in this article, some of Meybod Attractions introduced. Narin Castle The first one, Narin Castle is the most important monument of this ancient castle, […]

Persian Wedding Customs

Persian Wedding Customs

Iranian Wedding Ceremony According to the history, different nations and tribes shows us a different image of marriage. Iran is such a country which is home to many tribes and cultures. Persian Wedding Customs There are several kinds of traditions and customs among Iranian tribes but on the whole they all follow certain rules and steps. […]

Golestan Palace

The Gem of Tehran: Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace is a name that glows among the attractions of Tehran and is also listed on UNESCO’s cultural heritage list. However,  most of people find this collection a part of the Qajar dynasty, but its history belongs to much further years and  gradually completed. Let’s see this masterpiece of architecture of Iran. Some facts about Golestan Palace […]

Hafezieh - Iran in winter

An Opportunity for Visiting Iran

As you may know, Iran, a four-season land, has 23 UNESCO World Heritage sites. However, these sites have long attracted tourists from across the globe. Hopefully, foreign tourists travel to Iran to visit numerous historical and natural sites and enjoy time in a country which is home to many attractions. according to the news, World […]

Church of Holy Simeon , Shiraz

5 Religions in the Religious alley in Shiraz!

Shiraz; the center of all religions!   Shiraz as the cultural capital of Iran is home to ancient civilizations, cultures, religions and great Persian poets. cc owed a holy book. Nobahar alley which is located in Zand Street in Shiraz known also as Ariana Cinema Alley is the only alley home to 5 religions close […]

Narcessus in Kazeroon city - winter in Iran
Shapoori Pavilion , Shiraz

Iran Attractions; the World next Tourist Destination

The World’ Next Big Tourist Destination! Base on the recent statistical data, Iran Attractions are making a huge jump to increase tourism industry in Iran. So, let’s have a look on its 5-top destinations – from ancient cities and the beach resorts to its modern capital and the relaxation resorts to the skiing destinations and adventures locations. 5. Tehran […]