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Iran Sacred Cities

0.0 00 Iran Sacred Cities Iran Sacred Cities Every year, many tourists from all over the world travel to Iran to visit Iran Sacred Cities. Iran as a multicultural country is home to all divine religions. Iranian have been monotheist since ancient years led by Zoroaster, the prophet of Zoroastrian religion. Therefore, religion and pilgrimage […]

Church of Holy Simeon , Shiraz
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Imam Reza Holy Shrine

Shah-e-Cheragh Holy Shrine in Shiraz – Iran Destination

0.0 00 Shah-e-Cheragh Mir Seyyed Ahmad is the main shrine mausoleum in Shiraz; he is son of Seventh Imam, Mosa Kazem (AS) known as Shah-e-Cheragh which is located near new mosque in Shiraz. Seyyed Mir Ahmad, between the years 1434 to 1435 BC, during the reign of Mamoon, decided to leave Fars and Shiraz towards […]