Shahdad desert and Kalouts

Shahdad Desert  Shahdad is a city in Kerman Province, Iran, its population was 4,097, in 1,010 families. The distance from Kerman city to Shahdad is 95 km for driving. Besides, the local climate is hot and dry and also the main agricultural produce is date fruits. In addition , in 20 KM from Shahdad, there […]

Yazd Iran

Yazd, Iran City of the Bests

Yazd Iran Yazd Iran : The old city of Yazd, the first adobe city and second historical one after Venice has many tourist attractions which are the world’s bests. Historians believe this city dates back to Pre-Islamic period and consider it as one of the safest cities of its time so that Marco Polo describes […]

MatinAbad Desert Camp

MatinAbad Desert Camp

MatinAbad Desert Camp MatinAbad Desert Camp : Matin Abad village is located in Natanz city of Isfahan and a beautiful desert camp is built there where tourists can enjoy a variety of attractions like wild nature, star observation, camel riding and bicycle riding and desert trekking. The camping has also a cultural side and events [...]