Welcome to Iran

Welcome to Iran

Welcome to Iran Welcome to Iran, to what could be the friendliest country on earth. Iran is the jewel in Islam’s crown, combining glorious architecture with a warm-hearted welcome. In the Footsteps of Empire If you’re drawn to places where echoes of ancient civilizations resonate down through the ages, Iran could be your thing. Some […]

The ancient monument of Pasargadae as the earliest capital of the Achaemenid-first Persian Empire-manifests the glorious civilization of the nation.

Pasargadae – UNESCO World Heritage Center

Pasargadae Pasargadae, The Tomb of Cyrus The Great is one of the tourist attractions in Fars province and Shiraz city. It is popular among tourists on different days of the year, especially during the days of Nowruz. It is an ancient plain whose history dates back to the Paleolithic era. In this place, numerous magnificent […]

pasargadae, Tomb of Cyrus the Great

Tomb of Cyrus the Great

Tomb of Cyrus the Great In the way from Shiraz to Isfahan you can visit the remnant of Pasargadae the great capital of Cyrus-founder of the greatest ancient east empire. Tomb of Cyrus the Great is also located in this place. While nothing has remained from glorious cities of ancient world like Babylon, ruins of […]