Babak Castle

Babak Castle Azerbaijan Iran

Babak Castle Babak Castle is also known by other names as Babak Fortress, Seed and Jubilee Castle which was the headquarters of the Iranian commander, Babak Khorramdin. It is said to have been built during the uprising against the Abbasid caliphate in the third century AH. Some attribute it to the Achaemenid. Babak Fortress was […]

Iran Destination, Kandovan Rocky Village. Located in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran

Kandovan Rocky Village

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Babak castle

Babak Castle

Babak castle Babak castle located in Kaleybar province of East Azerbaijan, On a mountain 2300 meters high. Although the date of its construction is not determined,it seems to built in Sassanian dynasty and is named after Babak Khoramdin.It was one of the most important seats for 10th century against Baghdad government. In the survey made […]