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Arjhan and Parishan

Natural wonders of Arjhan and Parishan :

Shiraz Parishan : The protected zones of Arjhan and Parishan are situated 60 kilometers west of Shiraz in the vicinity of an important road that connects Shiraz to the provinces of Khuzestan and Bushehr. Following the world conference on marshlands and migratory birds in 1971 from the view of bird diversity and landscapes Arzhan and Parishan zones were selected for world marshland studies, hence a zone with an area of 191000 hectares was chosen as an international park with Arjhan and Parishan lakes in the middle.

Shiraz Parishan

The area used to be the habitat of Iranian lion. A number of lions lived in this area till 70 years ago. But the generation of Iranian lion later faced extinction due to the destruction of the habitat and growing hunting activities.

Certain species of eagles have also been spotted in the area. There are diverse species of birds living in the region. So due to its climatic diversity you can find birds whose habitats are tropical and mountainous forests. Experts so far have identified 263 species of birds in this area and can be a good destination for birdwatching tours.

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This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)