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Masuleh village is one of the most beautiful historical villages in Iran, that have very desirable climate and triple nature of the forest, mountain and rang-elands. However, that’s why Masuleh is one of the most beautiful and historic villages in Iran.

Masuleh Village

Masuleh Village

Interestingly, Masuleh Village is the first historic and vivid village in Iran, which is listed in the national monuments of Iran. However, the staircase houses that are built on the slopes of the mountain range is one of the reasons why this village is popular among tourists who travel to Iran.

Masuleh Village , Iran Famous Villages

However, Masuleh village is named as the diamond of northern cities of Iran and has more than 1000 years of existence. in the Zand dynasty, a group of Iranian people moved to the Masuleh district, and this village was built with this particular type of iranian architecture.


Furthermore, The type of architecture of the buildings and houses of this village has always attracted the attention of  tourists who travel to Iran. However, The special architecture and pristine nature of the Masuleh village have led tourists to travel to the village in the hot and sunny seasons as well as in snowy and cold seasons. On other hand, Masuleh village is located among many springs and waterfalls.

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