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Live Donor Liver Transplant in Iran


Liver transplant is critically essential when the liver loses its normal function. This malfunction can occur suddenly (acute failure) or during the course of time, for example, after an infection, medication or prolonged health problems.

In recent decades, Liver transplant from a live donor is noticed as a surgical option for the patients in the final stage of liver failure (cirrhosis). The causes of liver failure are often the followings: long-term alcohol consumption, long-term of hepatitis C and B without treatment.

In this method, a part of the healthy liver of the live person will be dissected during the surgery and immediately transplanted to the recipient, and the liver of the patient will be removed completely.

Liver Transplant Surgery, Shiraz , Iran

Liver Transplant Surgery, Shiraz , Iran

What are the features of Live donor liver transplant?

The live donor can be blood relatives, spouse, or a friend who will be subjected to extensive medical and psychological assessments in order to ensure him or her that its risk is at the lowest possible level. 

The criteria for the live donor liver transplanting:

•         The Live donor must be 18- 60 years old

•         Be in a Good physical condition and not be involved with severe drug consumption and physiological diseases

•         Quit smoking at least 6 weeks before surgery

•         Having the ability to understand and follow the instructions for the preparation and recovery

•         Having a benevolent wish, not for financial incentives

•         The liver’ size of the live donor should be bigger or  the same size as the recipient

•         Liver CT scan and MRI

•         Blood group and body size of the donor


Our doctors evaluate all the potential liver donors for all the detailed evidence of the liver disease, hepatitis, AIDS, and other infections, alcoholism or drug abuse and cancer.

Liver Transplant Surgery, Shiraz , Iran

Liver Transplant Surgery, Shiraz , Iran

Shiraz ranks the 1th in liver transplant surgeries

The transplant team of Shiraz University of medical science (sums) has been able to accomplish about 4577 liver transplants, 239 pancreatic transplant surgeries and 36 intestine transplants successfully.

Each year, more than 500 liver transplants in Shiraz is done, which is equivalent to the number of liver transplants in Europe and the United States. This statistics has made Shiraz one of the world’s most recognized medical centers for liver transplant.

According to the statistics, about 10% of the world transplants are now rejected at the initial stages, but in Shiraz, this figure is reported to be less than 10%.


Liver Transplant saves lives; the Cost of Liver Transplant

The cost of liver transplant in Iran is noticeably lower than other countries in the world and around Persian Gulf and also with more and more attention and success will be done. The cost of liver transplants in the United States is about $ 577,000, and in the neighbor countries such as Turkey which is more than $ 100,000. Fortunately, Iran with the support of the Ministry of Health, is offering the lowest prices for liver transplant.

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Liver Transplant Surgery, Shiraz , Iran

Liver Transplant Surgery, Shiraz , Iran

Iran Medical Visa 

In order to get Iran Visa, the following information should be presented to the officials:

  • the letters/Emails between the patient and specialist to MFA
  • The probable diagnose of specialist. The hospital and the city in which the operation takes place
  • The duration of Stay, Recovery and hospitalization

What are the usual requirements of Iran Visa? Read our article on Iran Visa.


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