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Kerman Highlights



Kerman: Another historical city in Iran which in Latin is called Karmenia meaning battle field. The original instruction of the city is attributed to Ardeshir Babakan.It has a warm and dry desert climate.

Bam citadel:The ancient mud city of Bam is the world’s largest brick structure.It was a jewel on Iran’s tourism crown until the earthquake in 2003 but it is still an attraction and the project of rebuilding this structure continues.

Rayen citadel:The second great brick structure after Bam citadel which dates back to Sassanian era.It’s located in Rayen city near Kerman.

Ganj Ali Khan complex:A complex comprising of square,bazaar,bath,school,caravansary and mosque which was built in Ganj Ali Khan governance in17 century.  Both the facade and internal areas display arched tile work which reminds us of the Safavid era

Prince garden in Mahan:This 100 years old beautiful garden located  6km from Mahan.It belonges to Qajar period with two pavillions in eastern and western sides.

Mozaffari Jame mosque:This is a part of bigger complex built by remnant monarchs after Ale Buyeh.It has a tall gateway with beautiful tile workings.Its veranda with high minarets and a very nice clock is decorated with beautiful ceramics.