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Kashan Highlights

kashan highlights


kashan highlights: Kashan is a delightful oasis city that can be one of attractive destinations in Iran with its Fin complex and architecturally significant houses from 19 century.

Fin Garden:One of historical gardens in Iran along with a museum and bath which recently registered as a UNESCO heritage site.Presence of water and trees around the building gives it a dynamic identity. Some parts had been destroyed; however, it was finally inscribed in the list of National Properties in 1935 and it received new attention.

Brojerdeis house:A traditional Iranian house built in the second part of 13 century and with beautiful lunare shape wind catchers on the pavilion rooftop display the beauty of Iranian architecture in desert areas.The paintings are administered by great Iranian painter Kamal al Molk.

Tabatabaie house:The house built in 1840 for Tabatabaie family with 4 beautiful courtyards,elegant wall paintings and glass windows structured with classical Iranian architecture that has outer(Biruni) and inner(Andaruni)rooms.

Sialk ancient hills:This ancient area is located 4 Km southwest of Kashan where used to be a place of worship for ancient people dating back to 5000 years BC.It has a northern and southern hill and prehistoric cemeteries.