Apadana palace

Apadana Palace in Shush

Apadana Palace in Shush The Apadana Palace of Susa is a historical mansion belonging to the Achaemenid era. Also, it registered as a national monument in 2001 with the number 3981. Besides, Stay with us to provide you with information about the history and architecture of this great ancient Iranian monument. In addition, Shush County […]

Alavian Dome

Alavian Dome The Alavian Dome is one of the masterpieces of architecture. Also, its plasterwork after Islam in Hamedan and has registered in the national monuments list in issue 94 on 05/01/1931. In addition, this building is unique among the remaining examples of Islamic architecture. Besides, it is one of the unique examples of Iranian […]

Boroujerdi House

Boroujerdi House Boroujerdi House is one of the historical monuments of Kashan in Isfahan Province. Also, the historic house of Boroujerdi in Kashan declared the top Unesco choice in 2015 and 2016 in terms of the popularity of the tourist attraction. Besides, Boroujerdi House is the most famous and important historical house in Iran. In […]

Falak al-Aflak Castle in Lorestan

Falak al-Aflak Castle in Lorestan Falak al-Aflak or Shapurkhast fortress is a historic fortress in the center of Khorramabad city in Lorestan province. Also, Falak al-Aflak also known as the Twelve Towers Castle. Besides, the building located on a hill overlooking khorramabad city and near the river, in the center of the city and is […]

Traditional Iranian Music

Traditional Iranian Music Traditional Iranian music, also known as Original Iranian music, Iranian classical music, and device music, including instruments, songs, and songs, has been flowing chest-to-chest in the context of the Iranian people since many years B.C. Also, what has been more pleasant, simpler and understandable is available today. Besides, a large part of […]

Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam

Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri Omar Khayyam Neyshabouri is one of the great scholars, mathematicians and poets of Iran, born in Neishabour. He was one of the greatest scientists of his timeß 11th century CE. Although he is more known for his poetry, Khayyam was a philosopher and mathematician who translated the works of Abu Ali Sina […]

Ferdowsi; the Great Iranian poet

Iran Destination is a well-operated tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  Our Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, read about Ferdowsi; the Great Iranian poet. Who is Ferdowsi? An Iranian poet, Ferdowsi, was born in 329 AH. He […]

Iran Traditional Music

Traditional Iranian music

Traditional Iranian music Traditional Iranian music, also known as authentic Iranian music, Iranian classical music, and instrumental music, including instruments, chants, and vocals, flowed from chest to ear in the context of the Iranian people, from years BC to today, and what More enjoyable, simpler and more understandable. Central Asia countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, […]

Saadi Shirazi , Shiraz Great Persian Poets

Shiraz 4 Great Persian Poets

one Shiraz, the Cultural Capital of Ian, is the city of great Persian Poets, philosophers, theologians and scholars. This famous city, in various historical periods, has great men whose names and works are well-known in all over the world. Following, read about Shiraz Great Persian Poets. In this article, however, I would introduce Shiraz Great […]

finding an address in Iran - Essential Persian phrases

Essential Persian Phrases to Travel to Iran – Iran Destination

Persian phrases What Are the Important Farsi Words You Need for Your Trip to Iran? If you have planned to travel to Iran, you’d better learn some essential useful Persian phrases. Actually, you might find someone knowing a bit of English in any place in Iran main cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, but if […]