Iran National Railway

Iran National Railway

Iran National Railway Iran has long been a stopover for commercial convoys. Ever since the Silk Road opened to businessmen in Iran and the caravansaries have been hosting them all over Iran until now. Iran National Railway  Iran National Railway History Iran has always been regarded as the backyard of world powers. By the invention […]

Iran Jewelry Museum

Iran Jewelry Museum

Iran Jewelry Museum Iran National Jewelry Museum is located at Ferdowsi Street in front of the Turkish Embassy in Tehran. The current treasury of jewels was built in 1334 and was opened in 1339 with the establishment of the Central Bank of Iran. Currently, this unique collection is in the public view of the museum. […]

Tehran time meuseum

Time Museum: A Different Museum in Iran

Iran Destination is a well-operated tour operator in Iran which makes your travel to Iran easy. We suggest you to have a look on our  Iran Tourism Packages.  Our Iran Travel Agency is ready to help you to travel to Iran. Following, discover about Time Museum; a Different museum in Tehran, Iran.  Time Museum in Tehran is one of the Iran tourism attractions […]

12 Top Photography Positions Tehran

Photography in Tehran Are you also looking for suitable places for photography in Tehran? Are you familiar with photography locations in Tehran? We have offered you the 12 most suitable places for photography in Tehran where you can have outdoor photography. The goodness of your outdoor photography is that you can shoot with a creative […]

Lar Lake

Joy of Cycling around Lar Lake

  Lar plain & Lar Lake In the vast plains of Iran, Lar plain and Lar Lake is the best place to photography from Mount Damavand,  the magnificent summit of Iran, well received by beautiful flowers and nature. In late spring, Anemone flowers of red and green tone on the plain, reflecting paradise. Let’s imagine the joy of […]

Golestan Palace

The Gem of Tehran: Golestan Palace

Golestan Palace is a name that glows among the attractions of Tehran and is also listed on UNESCO’s cultural heritage list. However,  most of people find this collection a part of the Qajar dynasty, but its history belongs to much further years and  gradually completed. Let’s see this masterpiece of architecture of Iran. Some facts about Golestan Palace […]

Tehran Islamic Museum

Islamic Museum Tehran

Islamic museum Tehran Islamic museum : Next door to the National Museum, and part of the same complex, this museum offers a stunning collection of arts and antiquities from throughout the Islamic period, including calligraphy, carpets, ceramics, woodcarving, sculpture, miniatures, brickwork and textiles. The collection includes silks and stucco-work from Rey, portraits from the Mongol […]

Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Tehran

Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Tehran

Glassware and Ceramic Museum Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Tehran : The premises that have been turned into museum where glass and clay works are on display were built about 90 years ago upon orders of Ahmad Qavam (Qavam-ol-Saltaneh) for his personal lodging (residence and working office). The building is situated in a garden with a span of […]

saadabaad palace
Azadi Tower