Ashken Stone Cave in Jahrom , Iran

Ashken Stone cave in Jahrom Ashken Stone Cave is a handmade cave in Jahrom, known as the world’s largest handmade cave. Also, It referred to as Mansory stone cave, crusher. Besides, Jahrom is one of the cities of Fars province in Iran that to access it, you can move from Shiraz to the south of […]

Sepidan Tang-e Tizab

Tang-e Tizab in Sepidan

Tang-e Tizab in Sepidan Tang-e Tizab is a natural resort in Sepidan the water of which is supplied by Sepidan and Yasuj Mountains in Iran. It is a passway of Bashar river branches in a distance of 20 Km from northwest of Sepidan. Various species of native fish can be seen in the water of […]