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Iran money and Iran visitors 

This article is about currency, Iran currency, Iran money, changers, moneychangers, exchange, Iran money to help Iran visitors.

It is recommended Iran visitors bring US dollar notes (in good condition and printed after 1996) for any tourist who is Iran visitor and is interesting to travel to Iran or alternatively Euros also in good condition and in higher denominations. UK Pounds are more difficult to exchange in Iran.

Iranian banks and Iranian money changers favor 100 $ (USD) and 100 € (Euro) notes in Iran.

International credit and debit cards cannot be used in Iran since the US trade embargo on the country. Iran Visitors cannot draw cash on credit or bank cards (such as Cirrus or Maestro) in Iran. Iran does have a network of ATMs but these are for use with locally-issued bank cards such as the Haj Card or Melli Card issued by Bank Melli of Iran.

Iran banks that will be able to perform currency exchange include Iran Bank Melli (BMI). Iran Bank Melli can exchange Iran foreign visitors currency up to 2000 $ (USD) or it’s equivalent on other major currencies for each Iran visitor passport and each companion of the passport holder or up to 2000 € (Euro) for the same purpose per transaction.

Other Iranian banks where you might be able to exchange Iran visitor currency include: Iranian Bank Mellat, Bank Saderat of Iran, Bank Sepah of Iran and Bank Tejarat of Iran. Look out for an English-language sign.

Iran visitors may consider purchasing Iran visitor cheques with their rials while Iranian are lighter than carrying cash and can be exchanged at any bank of Iran.


Iran moneychangers

Changing Iran traveler money at Iran moneychangers is quicker than using Iran banks and involves less paperwork in Iran. Look out for English-language signs saying “Currency” or “Exchange “. Changing money on the Iranian street is not recommended at all.


Iran Transferring money

If for some reason you run out of money in country of Iran (robbery, loss etc), you will need to seek out a branch of Bank Melli of Iran with your passport as an Iran traveler and arrange for a friend back home to make a transfer to that branch of Bank Melli using its Swift code, your full name and passport details as an Iran tourist. Bank Melli of Iran has branches in London, Hong Kong, Paris, Moscow, Dubai, Hamburg, Baghdad, Muscat, Baku, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras-Al-Khaimah and Sharjah and a number of foreign banks around the world have affiliated agreements with it in such places as Kabul and Bahrain. Many European, Indian and Japanese banks provide service to banks of Iran including Bank Melli of Iran.