Delgosha Garden

Delgosha Garden is one of the historical gardens of Shiraz and is located near the tomb of Saadi. Some believe that the history of the garden dates back to the Sassanid era, pre-Islamic era, and some related it to the period of Injou and Muzafar period, and some, like the British diplomat, James Moriah, attributed it to the Zandyeh era.

Glory of Delgosha Garden

The glorious time of Delgosha Garden refers to Timur Gurkani, the first Timurid king. Timur Gurkani goes to Fars after al-Muzafar extinction and orders to build a palace in Delgosha Gardens and at the same time in Samarkand.

It reaches its peak in the Safavid period and then Afsharieh period but after that, Muhammad Taqi Khan Shirazi revolts against Nader Shah Afshar in 1150 and and Delhasha Garden, like other Shiraz gardens was ruined.

The Karim Khan Zand era was an ever-growing period, especially in Shiraz, where was the political capital of Iran in Karim Khan Zand era. Buildings and mansions were built, and during this period, the flourishing period came back again to Iran.

Delgosha Garden , Shiraz , Iran Destination

Delgosha Garden Pavilion , Shiraz , Iran Destination

Delgosha Pavilion

The first pavilion in Iran has been built in this garden. Delgosha Garden was registered in 2002 as one of Iran National Monuments.

This pavilion is located in the southern part of Delgosha Garden and has three floorsb and the northern section is in two floors. This mansion is built in the style of the Sasanian palace of Bishapur, due to its courtyard and four royal palaces.

Inside the pavilion is decorated with mirror, walls oil paintings and wooden ceilings and the shapes of flowers are plastered on the walls. And also, there are some poems written by Shoorideh Shirazi, a 13th-century poet who was buried in the tomb of Saadi, on the Nastaliq calligraphy on plaster.

Delgosha Garden , Shiraz , Iran Destination

Delgosha Garden , Shiraz , Iran Destination

Sour Orange Trees in Delgosha Garden

Throughout this garden there are many sour orange trees which are known as the symbol of Shiraz. These trees shed from mid-April to mid-May, and their white and beautiful blossoms flutter in a delicate smell in the air.

In fact, this garden has been named Delgosha because of this wonderful atmosphere by sour orange trees and their white and beautiful blossoms cause a delicate fresh air.

Delgosha Garden Museum , Shiraz , Iran Destination

Delgosha Garden Museum , Shiraz , Iran Destination

Delgosha Garden Museum

Now a days, the pavilion of Delgosha has changed to the Radio Museum and instruments such as coins, Quran written on the deer skins of the Seljuk period, stamps, matches and old maps of Iran from ancient times even before Achaemenid kingdom to Qajar period and 50 old radios including the radio which has worked with the oil in past.

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