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Iran Destination: Badab Surt Springs

Iran Destination: Badab Surt Springs

Interestingly, Badab Surt is the name of a stepping fountain at an altitude of 1840 meters above sea level, which is considered to be a unique phenomenon in Iran tourism, and there are few places in world like that.

Iran Destination-Badab Surt

Iran Destination: Badab Surt

it’s believed to say that the site was in the past a very distant Zoroastrian area. However, they say that the Zoroastrians Worship God over the fountains of Surt with special customs and later believed in Islam.

However, Badab Surt consist of a complex of mineral springs.  For thousands of years, these springs  consist of many floors, each with a different color and odor.

Interestingly, Badab Surt imperial springs field reaches more than 2 million square meters. Anyway, the spring water leaves stairs and special shapes on every path that is being routed. In the past, spring was full of water, and there were stairs and beautiful works in an area of ​​about 30,000 square meters.

Iran Destination: Badab Surt Springs

Iran Destination: Badab Surt Springs

Unfortunately, due to drought and climate change, water sources have fallen sharply over the last 200 years and only about 1000 square meters of water flow. Parts that do not have water are seen in white.

However, the spring water is salty and temperate. Due to the presence of iron oxides and iron, it consists of  several therapeutic benefits to this water.  Anyway, many see this attraction as the most beautiful spring in the world, and it is referred to as the second saline spring of the world, which is located after the Turkish spring Pamukkale.

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This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)