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Ali Sadr Cave of Hamedan a Natural Attraction of Iran Tourism

Ali sadr cave of Hamedan a natural attraction of ]ran tourism is one of the rarest samples of water caves in the world. It is located 75 kilometers to the northwest of Hamedan in a village by the same name of the districts Kaboudarahang town. Geologists believe that the rocks of this mountain pertain to the second geological period i.e. Jurassic (190-130 million years ago).Based on evidence within the cave it was inhabited by primitive people. Residents of Ali Sadr and other nearby villages knew this and used its water but it was not used for tourism.

alisadr cave in Hamedan, Iran

Alisadr cave in Hamedan

Ali sadr cave is one of the natural attractions of Iran. Only few caves in the world can compete with Ali Sadr cave. Its colorless water is odorless and has natural taste. There are no living creatures in the cave’s water and its temperature is 12 degrees centigrade. The water is so transparent that one can see to the depth of 10 meters with naked ayes and ordinary light. The water is not drinkable since contains different calcareous salts

Ali Sadr Cave of Hamedan

Alisadr cave

The amount of water flowing into the cave comes from rainfall, underwater springs and outflows from the walls and cave ceiling-all of them are coming from rain and snow. There are also a number of attractive stalagmites; it is cold in summers and warm in winters. Although all of the cave’s chambers have not been explored, climbers advance about 10-11 kilometers along them. At present after boating one can walk along the cave and continue the route by boat.

Ali Sadr Cave of Hamedan -

Ali Sadr Cave of Hamedan


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This post is also available in: deDeutsch (German) esEspañol (Spanish)