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Alexander’s Prison

The building  is a 14th century  adobe-structured school. However, historians believe that the structure is  known as Alexander’s Prison due to a reference in Hafez book. Immediately after death of Hafez, many stories, some of mythical proportions arose regarding his life. One of these stories, was including how Alexander lived in Iran. Some people believe that the name comes from the idea that it was built by Alexander as a prison for Iranian protesters.

Alexander’s Prison in Yazd

However,  the original purpose of the building is still unknown, but  now it serves as Museum. Anyway, the unique architecture of the building reflects the Iranian arts. Furthermore, it seems that the structure is only made by pure adobe. However, dome of the school is decorated by colors such as  blue and golden yellow. Interestingly, the prison is made of kind of raw clay  with plaster.


Furthermore, the beautiful architectural features are one the most beautiful decoration in adobe-structured building and it is one of the best domes which dates back to Mongolian in Iran. Moreover, each side of the  tower is almost 10.5 meters height.  However, there are some Kufic writings on the aspects of the Alexander’s prison. 

However, the prison had historical significance at the time. Anyway,  it worth to mention that at the adobe-structured building have attracted many tourists and travelers around the world.

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