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Historic house
Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran

About Dibai House

Dibai House is a historic Persian residenceĀ that has been restored entirely andĀ transformed into a Heritage Guesthouse.

Dibai House is a family-run business which gives visitors the opportunity to stay in a historic mansion at the very center of the Old City, surrounded by a picturesque and artistic setting. Dibai House is a Heritage Guesthouse located in Isfahan, Iran, and offers its guests accommodation in a historic house, right at the heart of the Old City, aiming to provide a cultural, unconventional and enjoyable experience.


Dibai HouseĀ  Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran

Facilities and services:

  • Wifi is available free of charge.
  • Home-made breakfast is served every morning.

The house has variousĀ common areas:

  • A kitchen, with fridge, cooker, microwave and electric kettle, were guests can prepare tea or coffe, snacks and light meals.


  • TheĀ Shah Neshin. Nowadays used as aĀ big living room, this room is a feature common to all traditional Persian residences and historically was the house’s main hub, and where guests were received and entertained.


  • SpaciousĀ Shabestans, or basements, where theĀ dining roomĀ is located.


  • AĀ TV room, with a flatscreen set and home cinema system.


  • TheĀ Hoz Khane, or pool house, with intricate window and mirror works, paintings, reliefs and beautifully crafted walls.
  • TwoĀ sahn, orĀ outdoor courtyards


Number of rooms:

9 Rooms

Dibai House has nine roomsĀ that can accommodate up to nineteen guests. There are two single rooms, five twin rooms and two triple rooms. Two of the twin rooms are en-suite, while the other rooms have access to five modern bathrooms.


Dibai House is located in the Harunie district,Ā in the centre of the Isfahan‘s Old CityĀ .

Dibai House serves as a perfect base for exploring Isfahan. It isĀ close to the Great BazaarĀ (three minutes’ walk), theĀ Jame MosqueĀ (six minutes’ walk) and theĀ Naqshe Jahan (Imam) SquareĀ (ten minutes’ walk).

Other attractions that lie within a walking distance are the Chehel Souton Palace, the Natural History Museum, the Decorative Arts Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Sadr Mosque, the Hakim Mosque, the Shrine of Jafar, the Mausoleum of Harun Velayat and the Nimurvand School.

We are also very proud to be next-door neighbours of the Ali Mosque and its eleventh-century Seljuk minaret. The house’s central courtyard has a panoramic view of this tower, which the city’s tallest minaret.

Getting around:

Bus lines stop at nearby Qayam SquareĀ easily communicate Harounie with Chahar Bagh Boulevard, the riverside and the New Quarter.
Taxis operate extensivelyĀ and are inexpensive.

Safe parking space is availableĀ day and night in Masjed Ali Alley and in nearby car park.

Need more information about Dibai HouseĀ in Isfahan?Ā How can we help you? Drop us a note.

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Dibai House , Isfahan

Dibai House , Isfahan Isfahan, Iran

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