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Traditional Hotel
Saadat Shar
Sa'adat Shahr, Fars Province, Iran


Aghamir house is located in Sa’adat Shahr, Fars Province, Iran

Facilities and services:

Aghamir Cottage, as old as over one hundred years, while being plain in design, with creating beautiful and relaxing spaces, performance of local music, local and organic foods, links traditional architecture with psychological and mental safety of guests as well as influencing their minds.  Immerse yourself in the exclusive comfort of our Single rooms,The twin room, and Double rooms . Superior Room is king room . Try Best accommodation in Aghamir house.

Number of rooms:

aghamir cottage has 4master rooms,2 traditional rooms,1 dining room and 1 king room designed in traditional Iran architecture.


  • Distance to train station,bus station and airport of Shiraz 1:30
  • Distance to train station,bus station and airport of Isfahan 4:30

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Aghamir house

Aghamir house , Sa’adat Shahr Saadat Shar, Iran

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