A Story of a Mysterious Cave in Iran

The Kingdom of Shapour

Iran , a country with remarkable varieties, hosts many tourists around the world. However, not all the tourists are familiar with the amazing unknown hot-spots in Iran. In this article, Iran Destination intents to introduce one of the mysterious caves in Iran and in the world: Shapour Cave.

The Mysterious Shapour Cave

The Mysterious Shapour Cave, photo: @SamDavani

Shapour cave is located at the end of Chogan canyon in the four kilometer distance of Bishapur City in Kazerun town, the most important Sassanid capital in an 800 meter height from the ground and its entrance is about 30 meters. And this is why this cave is famous by the name “Shapour”.

The statue of Shapoour is carved in a stalagmite, and although 1700 years have passed, it is still standing and it is the only statue left from the ancient times which is approximately 7 meters long.  After passing several years, this statue is still sound, although two of its hands are broken. The statue were fallen down and it was restored by the army in 1957.

The Mysterious Shapour Cave. Compare the size of statue with the lady

The Mysterious Shapour Cave. Compare the size of statue with the lady

This amazing manifestation of Sassanid art is so impressive. The height of this statue is about 7 meters and the shoulders are more than 2 meters wide. It’s carved out of a stalagmite in this limestone cave and dates back to about 17 centuries ago. It’s the only sculpture this large remaining from the ancient times in Iran.

This cave and some other archaeological sites situated in three geographical parts in the southeast of Fars Province: Firuzabad, Bishapur and Sarvestan were recorded in UNESCO World Heritage in 2018 as Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region.

Zero Dark, Shapour Cave

Zero Dark, Shapour Cave

What You Need to Get to Shapour Cave

  • You’ll have a about one to two-hours trekking, don’t forget a pair of comfortable shows!
  • Because of the steppe climate in this region, you’ll need cotton clothes in light colors if you want to be there in spring or summer. But if your trip is in fall or winter, you’ll need warm clothes. The annual precipitation is very low in this region but to be assured of your comfort, have a raincoat with yourself.
  • You’ll need suitable and comfortable footwear because you have to go up the carved stairs with about 230 treads to get to the entrance of the cave. Or you can hike the steep slope of the mount if you wish. It can be challenging but you don’t need to be a professional mountain climber.
  • Have a bottle of water. There’s no access to drinking water in the cave. It takes about an hour and a half to get there. It’s rather a long way and makes you tired and thirsty.


The location of Shapour Cave

The location of Shapour Cave

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