Tower Of Silence:

 yazd Silence Tower  tower_of_silence

Yazd Silence Tower : Just please imagine 40 years ago in Yazd, that corpses could still be found on top of the Towers of Silence in Yazd, instead of buried in soil.

Zoroastrian is known for the first time by the writing of the mid-5th century, Herodotus, who observed the custom of Iranian expatriates. After the bodies dragged with birds, the corps embalmed with wax and put it in trench.

Tower of silence, is a circular structure built by Zoroastrian, for dead bodies that carrion birds to eat it.

As it is necessary for birds to can eat the corpses, so this places do not have any roofs, and always it is built far away a city, and using stones instead of soils, because of purity.

Visiting this site, gives you a wonderful feelings that brought you to the past.