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Iran Nomad Tour

Nomad Tour

Highlights of Iran Nomad Tou

    • Iran Nomad Tours is a kind of Iran Adventure Tours
    • The tour guides are expertise and some of them are Iran Nomads
    • There are several Nomad tribe like as Qashqais, Bakhtiaris and Shahsevan that you will enjoy their unforgettablehospitality when you travel to Iran
    • Some nights’ accommodation in Nomads’ tent will be different nights for travel lovers
  • Nomad Tour

Iran nomad tour is an Iran attractive tour which Iran visitors can meet Iranian nomads from Qashqais to Bakhtiaris and Shahsevan and .This kind of Iran tour is really different for all kind of Iran tourists. Your travel to Iran is with insurance that we use while you are in Iran.

Route of Iran Nomad Tour: Tehran ≻─✈ Isfahan ≻─ ? Yasuj  ≻─ ? Shiraz  ≻─ ? Khosrow ShirinVillage’s Region  ≻─ ? Dash-e-Bokan ≻─ ? Isfahan ≻─✈ Tehran

Itinerary of Iran Nomad Tour

Day 1:


Arrival at Tehran international Airport (Imam Khomeini Airport) our Iran tour guide will be at airport for your transfer to Tehran hotel. Visiting Archeological Museum of Tehran, Glassware and Ceramic museum & Carpet Museum at first day of your travel to Iran. O/N in Tehran hotel.

Day 2:

Tehran ≻─✈ Isfahan:
⏰ : 45 min

At Morning flight to Isfahan, Visiting Vank jame Mosque, Historical Bridges (Sio se poll, Pol-eShahrestan and Pol-ekhaju) Chehelsootoon (Architecture and painting) and Bazaar. O/N in Isfahan hotel.

Day 3:

Isfahan ≻─ ? Yasooj : (326 km)

⏰ : 4 h 25 min

Visiting Imam Square:Iman Mosque, Sheikh lotfollah mosque and Aliqapoo palace. Trip to Yasuj via Shiraz, Semirom and Sissakht. Visiting the Semirom cascade and Meimand village (a stone village) O/N tourist Inn.

Day 4:

Yasuj ≻─ ? Shiraz : (179 km)

⏰ : 2 h 43 min

Trip to Shiraz via Nur Abad and Bishapur (Visit the Bishapur vestige) O/N hotel in Shiraz.

Day 5:

Shiraz ≻─ ?   Khosrow Shirin: (269 km)

⏰ : 4 h 19 min

Khosrow Shirin village’s region Trip to the Khosrow-Shirin villages region via Marvdasht, Eghlid and visit the Persepolis vestige ,Naqsh-e-Rostam, Pasargad and Naqsh-e Rajab. O/N in Tent or local house.

Day 6:

Khosrow Shirin ≻─   Dasht-e Bokan:

Khosrow  Shirin village’s region-Dasht-e Bokan Visit the surrounding villages like khosrow-Shirin village, Kamfirooz village, Dasht-e Bokan and Qashkai Nomads of the region. O/N hotel or local house.

Day 7:

Dasht-e Bokan ≻─ ? Isfahan: (351 km)

⏰ : 4 h 22 min

Isfahan ≻─✈ Tehran:

⏰ : 45 min

Travel to Isfahan via Izad-Khast village and visit the citadel and caravanserai of this beautiful village. Flight to Tehran O/N Hotel in Tehran.

Day 8:


Transfer to Tehran International Airport Departure, It’s the end of the travel to Iran.

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