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Iran Desert Tour

Iran desert tour

Iran Desert Tour

Highlights of Iran Desert Tour


  • Iran visitors can experience true camel treks
  • Desert tours will contain all the magic of the Iran Deserts.
  • Undiscovered places and hidden treasures are one of the goals
  • Iran visitors who are keen to visit deserts will experience safari too.


Duration: 19 days
Cities: Shiraz, Bavanat, Meymand, Kerman, Shahdad, Zeinoddin, Yazd, Garmeh,Mesr, Isfahan, Kashan, Tehran


Route of Iran Nomad Tour:

≻─✈Shiraz ≻─ ?   Bavanat≻─ ? Meymand ≻─ ? Kerman ≻─ ? Shahdad Desert≻─ ? Zeinoddin ≻─ ? Yazd ≻─ ? Garmeh ≻─ ? Mesr≻─ ? Isfahan≻─ ? Abiyaneh ≻─ ? Kashan≻─ ? Qom ≻─ ? Tehran ≻─✈


Itinerary of Iran Desert Tour

Day 1:

Shiraz Arrival ?


Shiraz morning arrival. Start visiting your sightseeing of city of garden and flowers.Overnight Shiraz.

  • Zand Complex and Old Bazaar
  • Eram Garden (UNESCO)
  • Tombs of Hafez and Sa‘adi


Day 2:


Known for its splendid gardens and famous poets we continue touring the sites of this famous city. Overnight Shiraz.

  • Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque
  • Narenjanstan Garden
  • Madrasah-ye Khan
  • Jameh Old Mosque
  • Ali Ebn-e Hamze Shrine



Day 3:

Shiraz to Persepolis and Bavanat

Shiraz ≻─ ?   Bavanat (230 km)

⏰: 2 h 46 min


Visiting 3 historical sites that take you back to 2500 years ago. Overnight Bavanat.

  • Persepolis (UNESCO)
  • Necropolis
  • Pasargadae (UNESCO)


Day 4:

Bavanat to Meymand (379 km)

⏰:5 h 6 min


Heading to the Meymand and on the way visiting natural sites. Overnight Meymand.

  • Meymand Historical Village (UNESCO)


Day 5:

Meymand to Kerman

After a short tour in the village leaving Meymand toward Kerman. Overnight Kerman.

  • Half day tour of Kerman Complex(Bathhouse, Museum, Bazaar)


Day 6:

Kerman to Shahdad Desert

Kerman is a city placed at the south east of Iran with plenty of different desert and sightseeing. Overnight Shahdad.

  • Shah Nematollah Tomb
  • Shahdad Desert
  • Mahan Garden (UNESCO)


Day 7:

Shahdad to Zeinoddin

Morning tour of Dessert (Kaluts) then drive to Zeinoddin caravanserai of Yazd visiting pistachio gardens on the way. Overnight Caravanserai.

  • Kaluts Dessert
  • Pistachio Gardens


Day 8:

Caravanserai to Yazd (44.9 km)

⏰:42 min

After breakfast we head to Yazd. Yazd is host to so many tourist due to the forest of wind towers, rich civilization and Zoroastrian center. Overnight Yazd.

  • Amir Chakhmaq Complex
  • Water Museum
  • Dolatabaad Garden (UNESCO)
  • Tower of Silence
  • Fire Temple


Day 9:

Yazd to Garmeh(297 km)

⏰:3 h 40 min

Leaving Yazd to Garmeh, on the way visiting some monuments. Overnight Garmeh.

  • Chakchak Village
  • Kharanagh Village


Day 10:

Garmeh to Mesr (84.9 km)

⏰:1 h 14 min

A short drive from Garmeh to Mesr Village. Overnight Mesr.

  • Salt Lake


Day 11:

Mesr to Isfahan (370 km)

⏰:4 h 14 min

After breakfast we leave Yazd toward Isfahan. On the way visiting Meybod and Naien. Overnight Isfahan.

  • Nain Jame Mosque
  • Mesr Sand Dessert
  • Underground watermill


Day 12:


Isfahan is one of the finest cities in the Islamic world and known for its Islamic and brilliant architecture. Overnight Isfahan.

  • Imam Square (UNESCO)
  • Ali Qapu Palace & Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
  • Chehel Sotun Palace (UNESCO)


Day 13:


Visiting another beautiful part of city of torques colored domes. Overnight Isfahan.

  • Vank Cathedral Museum
  • Jameh Old Mosque (UNESCO)
  • Khaju and Siosepol Bridges


Day 14:


Free Day

Day 15:

Isfahan to Abiyaneh (107 km)

⏰:1 h 26 min

Abiyaneh to Kashan (86.2 km)

⏰:1 h 10 min

Heading toward Abiyaneh the red village and visiting this beautiful village and then visiting Kashan. Overnight Kashan.

  • Abiyaneh Red village
  • Khan-e Borujedi
  • Old Bazaar


Day 16:

Kashan to Qom to Tehran

Kashan to Qom (113 km)

⏰:1 h 19 min

Qom to Tehran (147 km)

⏰:1 h 55 min

Heading toward Qom, in the morning visiting beauties of Kashan. Then driving toward Qom, visiting Fatima Masumeh Shrine, short drive towards Tehran .Overnight Tehran.

  • Fin Garden (UNESCO)
  • Fatima Masumeh Holy Shrine
  • Imam Khomeini Memorial Mausoleum


Day 17:


After breakfast visiting Overnight Tehran.

  • Iran National Museum
  • Islamic Museum
  • Jewelry Museum
  • Contemporary Art Museum


Day 18:


After a breakfast full day visiting sightseeing of the Iranian capital. Overnight Tehran.

  • Golestan Museum Complex (UNESCO)
  • Carpet Museum
  • Bazaar
  • Niavaran Palace (Shah Former Palace)


Day 19:

Departure ?

Check out and transfer to IKA International airport to departure.

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