Tomb of Hafez


 Tomb of Hafez: Khwāja Shams-ud-Dīn Muhammad Hāfez-e Shīrāzī, one of the great sonneteer in Iran, Shiraz, known by Hafez, because of memorizing all the Qoran, was born in 18th century. He has most beautiful poems about Love and beloved, wine and the pains because of beloved’s separation.

Hafeziyeh the name of a shrine complex in north of Shiraz, it is about 2 Hectares, Hafeziyeh has about 2 hectares area and it is separated by a hall. This complex includes 4 entrance-exit doors. On the south side a door is located the main door, and two doors are on the west side and one door is on the east side.

Hall of Hafeziyeh which belonged to Zandiyeh area is 8 meter wide and 56 meter long by 20 stone pillars with each 5 meter height. Two rooms are located on the West side and East side of the Hall.

The shrine consists of 8 stone pillars that symbolize to 8 doors of Heaven or paradise. The exterior of the shrine is the symbol of Sky too. The inside of the dome is decorated with different meaningful colors; Turquoise blue (symbol of heaven), amethystine red (symbol of eternal wine), black and white (symbol of day and night) and burnt brown (symbol of earth).

Hafeziyeh has a calm and spiritual atmosphere, with a beautiful garden. All Iranian people have Diwan e Hafez in their house and put it in their special celebrities like Nowrooz and Yalda for enjoying their moments.

There is a famous poem on his tomb’s stone as you can read it below:

In the hope of union, my very life, I’ll give up

As a bird of Paradise, this worldly trap I will hop.

In the hope of one day, being your worthy servant

Mastery of both worlds I’ll gladly drop.

May the cloud of guidance unload its rain

Before I am back to dust, into the air I rise up.

Beside my tomb bring minstrels and wine

My spirit will then dance to music and scent of the cup.

Show me your beauty, O graceful beloved of mine

To my life and the world, with ovation I put a stop.

Though I am old, tonight, hold me in your arms

In the morn, a youthful one, I’ll rise up.

On my deathbed give me a glimpse of your face