Tomb of Saadi


Saadi Tomb 



Saadi is one of the prominent poets in Shiraz, Iran lived in 13th century. He is not only well-known in Persian language countries, but also famous in western sources too, because of his two famous books, Golestan in Prose and Boostan in verse. Saadi always has a lot of anecdotes and stories which leads you to take new steps to reach higher levels of humanity.

His tomb is located in Shiraz, with the beautiful Garden and design. At the 18th century, when Karim Khan e Zand was king of Iran, built this today mausoleum, it likes a square from outside, which is decorated with Iranian tiles with the light blue dominant colors. When you enter inside you can observe 8 corners of building which are covered with his famous verses and prose that show the rich Iranian Literature.

Later the Tomb of Shoorideh Shirazi another poet was built by a colonnade portico. Andre Godard, the French architect had been assigned the task of restoring several historical monuments in Iran and so forth.

Some parts are added to this mausoleum, like the fish pool, and some small pools in outside mausoleum and in the garden. In the past, people believed if they throne the coins in these pools, it will bring lucky for them.

The garden is full of beautiful trees and flowers, which gives you the good feelings when you walk through the garden, like the smell of red roses flowers.

For understanding his poetries better, I mention one of his famous global poet which calls for breaking down all barriers between human beings:

Adam’s sons are body limbs, to say;
For they’re created of the same clay.
Should one organ be troubled by pain,
Others would suffer severe strain.
Thou, careless of people’s suffering,
Deserve not the name, “human being”

Translated by H. Vahid Dastjerdi.