Iran National Jewelry Museum


Iran National Jewelry Museum, located in Tehran was built about 60 years ago and preserves many valuable jewelry items collected during Safavid,Afshar,Qajar and Pahlavi periods. The most famous items in this collection are Daryaye Noor diamond, Kiany tiara, jeweled globe, Takht e Tavous royal throne and Naderi throne.

Before Safavid period Iranian kings and royal families didn’t show any interest in collecting jewelry and valuable stones but it was in this time that many amazing jewelry items were bought by or granted to Iranian royals.When Afghans attacked Iran, looted much of them but Nader Shah of Afshar took them back in his attack to India.

In Qajar period they were collected and assembled on Kiany tiara, jeweled globe and Naderi throne and later were disposed to National Bank of Iran.

Daryaye Noor one of the largest and most beautiful diamonds of the world is pink colored and about 182 karats.Another item of this museum is the Kiany throne which was used by Iranian kings in coronation ceremonies.


National jewelry museum of Iran is one of Tehran’s tourist attractions and you can visit during any Iran tour.