Shah e Cheragh

Mir Seyyed Ahmad is the main shrine mausoleum in Shiraz; he is son of Seventh Imam, Mosa Kazem (AS) known as Shah e cheragh which is located near new mosque in Shiraz.

Seyyed Mir Ahmad, between the years 1434 to 1435 BC, during the reign of Mamoon, decided to leave Fars and Shiraz towards Khorasan for visiting his brother Imam Reza, but he was killed and Buried in Shiraz. The Third respectable pilgrimage destination In Iran is Shah e Cheragh, After the shrines of Imam Reza in Mashhad and Fatima in Qom.

Shah e cheragh shrine is located in the good position, near to Qajary and Zandiyeh Complexes, from the middle of complex, Visitors are welcome to enter the courtyard and to take discreet photographs (no large cameras or tripods), but entrance to the shrines was not permitted to non-Muslims at the time of writing. Women must wear chador within the whole shrine complex (available for free at the women’s entrance).

The shrine has the Shirazi structure as a bulbous dome, decorated by mirrors work and four slender wooden pillars that boast near perfect proportions. A main Porch in the east, a large shrine at four sides, a mosque in the west of the shrine and several rooms and sepulchers which are connected to the monument, design of the mausoleum have mirror works, ornaments and silver doors and porches, plaster writings,  and spacious sanctuary. In alcoves between the areas under the dome of the shrine, the sanctuary located. This construction method of the mausoleum and shrine in the middle of the mausoleum are same as the other shrines in Shiraz.

The other sights are Shah e cheragh mausoleum and its large courtyard that was surrounded from three sides. Over the past two decades, many repairs done at Shah e- cheragh tomb and in the south and north sides of the mausoleum, several chambers are made. A lot of scientific and literary celebrities are buried, in vicinity of Shah e cheragh.

Shah e Cheragh is one of the tourist destinations, and all like it because of its spiritual atmosphere and because of mirrors work inside the mausoleum.