Fire Temple in Yazd


Fire temple in Yazd   Fire Temple is a place for Zoroastrians’ worship; because four elements have important rules in this religion, Fire, Water, wind and soil.  For the purification ceremonies, clean white ash, is regarded as the basis of ritual life, is proper to the tending of a domestic fire, for the temple fire all believed that the hearth fire raised to a new solemnity.

In the middle of a large garden, the main building of fire temple is located and also surrounded by pine, cedar and cypress trees and you can observe a pool ahead of the entrance to the building. There are a Farvahar and the adorned stone columns above the main entrance of the temple, which walls and Farvahar are the work of craftsmen from Isfahan and then transported the finished stones to Yazd.

Inside of bronze vessel there is a fire but it is visible only from behind a glass wall and only priests attached to the fire temple may enter the innermost sanctum. These days, the fire temple is a tourist destination, especially during Norouz and it is interesting for all religion people.