saadabaad palace

Saadabaad palace, Tehran

Saadabaad palace saadabaad palace:¬† is a 300 hectare complex which is built by the Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs, located in Shemiran, Greater Tehran, Iran. There, is located the official residence of the President of Iran. On different occasions, villa-palaces and mansions were erected on the beautiful range among aged cypresses and aspens, in almost the […]

Azadi Tower

Azadi Tower

Freedom Tower (Azadi Tower ) Azadi Tower (Freedom Tower) formerly known as the Shahyad Tower that located at Azadi Square, in Tehran City, Iran is like a standing soldier that built in 1971 and consists of 8000 white marble blocks which was calculated by computer and located by Ghanbar Rahimi who was known as King […]

Milad Tower

Milad Tower, Tehran

Milad Tower Milad Tower, also known as the Tehran Tower, is a multi-purpose tower in Tehran, Iran. It is the sixth-tallest tower and the 24th-tallest freestanding structure in the world. It is located between Qarb Town and the district of Gisha, with the 435 meters from the base to the tip of the antenna. The […]

Niyavaran Palace

Niyavaran Palace in Tehran

Niyavaran Palace The Niavaran Complex, is a historical complex in Shemiran (northern Tehran), Iran. It includes of several buildings and monuments dating back to the Qajar and Pahlavi eras. The complex traces and the origin of garden in the region of Niavaran were used as a summer residence by Fath-Ali Shah of the Qajar Dynasty. […]

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Art Museum of Tehran Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art : Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, also known as TMoCA, is among the largest art museums in Iran. It has collections of more than 3000 items that include 19th and 20th century’s world-class European and American paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures. TMoCA also has one of […]

carpet museum

Carpet Museum, Tehran

Carpet Museum Iranian carpets, the dazzling beauty and excellent quality of Persian carpets are well known all over the world. One of the most distinguished manifestations of Iranian culture and art is carpet-weaving and dating back to the Bronze Age, but as the materials used in carpets including wool and cotton, decay into dust during […]

Tehran Bazaar

Bazaar in Tehran, Iran

Tehran Bazaar The Grand Bazaar is an old historical bazaar in Tehran, Iran. It is included several corridors over 10 kilometers in length, and each specializing in different types of goods, and has several entrances, with Sabze-Meydan being the main entrance. From The 6th millennium BC, Tehran has been settled and while bazaar-like constructions in […]

Tehran National Museum

Tehran National Museum

¬† ¬† This modest museum is no Louvre, but it is chock-full of Iran‚Äôs rich history, Iran National museum is located in Tehran, and it includes of two complexes, Museum of Ancient Iran (1937 BC) and Museum of Islamic Art and Archaeology of Iran (1972 BC). You can observe the historical monuments which dating back […]

Tabiat Bridge

Tabiat Bridge in Tehran

Tabiat Bridge Tabiat Bridge : Bridges have always been close to the heart of Iranian identity. Isfahan, Iran‚Äôs top tourist destination and a former capital of Persia, boasts two spectacular bridges from the 16th century Safavid dynasty when the city was at the centre of Islamic art and culture.   So it is no surprise […]

Carpet Museum

Carpet Museum

Carpet Museum of Iran Carpet-weaving is undoubtedly one of the most distinguished manifestations of Iranian culture and art, Iranian carpet weaving center such as Kashan,Kerman,Isfahan,Tabriz,Khorasan,Kordestan are the famous ones ,as the materials used in ¬†their carpets including wool and cotton, Which they¬† are displayed in the Carpet Museum of Iran. Carpet Museum In 1978, the […]