Ali Qapoo Palace

there is an  palace in Isfahan which made by Shah Abbas I, in the Safavid period, led from the west side of the present Maidan-e Imam to the park the Shah called Naqsh-e Jahan, the Image of the World, that name is Ali Qapoo palace.

Ali Qapoo palace has about Forty eight meters high from the ground, with a beautiful portal and six floors, and it is decorated with its own way, two staircases with the square in plan. Every floor is interesting and on the talar of second floor you can have a look around the Imam mosque especially at the wonders of Sheikh Lotfallah mosque and Imam Mosque.

There is a Music hall’s with the ornamentation of Safavid era. In 19th Century, unfortunately the original paintings were destroyed and it is repaired with plaster work covered original work.

Iranian and Italian artists repaired Ali Qapoo palace, and different walls and pillars of this palace, have been strengthened by iron beams.